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Yetu is a platform that celebrates African creativity. The comic books, graphic novels, biographies, animations and live action productions are carefully curated to honour African ingenuity and craftsmanship in story telling.



Peter Kanyingi

An engaging read that gets you questioning some long held beliefs e.g. can stealing ever be justified? I am still struggling with Michael’s dilemma.

Leon Ogola

Jonte easily blurs the line between reality and fiction by painting a remarkably believable picture yet one still prays it isn’t true because what a life!

Johnson Juma

Jonte iko true! It is an authentic Kenyan story that resonates with mwananchi.

Carol Rabut

The twist of love, friendship and betrayal told with humor but still laced with hard realities of the world we live in was a real revelation. I can’t wait for Chapter 2 to come out….

Lydia Mugo

I truly loved reading this book. The characters are humorous. The author keeps you guessing about Mike’s girlfriend…. At the end of the book (Chapter 1), I wanted to keep on reading to find out what happened to the characters…

Kawira Magiri

I love what the creative team is doing; the illustrators are keen on every detail making the lighting and texture breathtaking. The writer also does a good job making Michael, Tiwi and Dero unique in the world they live in ‘Salama’.



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What is yetu?

Yetu is a platform that promotes African literature content from comic books to short stories as well as novels.

How do i register?

After downloading the app from google playstore or istore you will be required to enter your mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile for authentication purpose. You will also be asked to enter your email id where you will be receiving your etr receipt. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with third parties at any point.

Do i pay every time I read?

This is a pay as you read model. You need to pay only once for any chosen content. Once paid, the content is activated, and it will be available for you to read on the device.

How many devices can i use for one registration?

You can use your registration credentials (username) to log into 2 devices.

How can i register an additional device?

Use the same mobile number and username on the second device when registering.

How to use a promo code while paying?

Enter the promo code (if you have one), press go and the discount will be applied

What should i do if my mpesa doesn’t give me an enter your pin option?

There are sims which do not have the feature to pay from the app. In which case you will get a message to pay directly from mpesa. Please follow the procedure as under

Your payment was unsuccessful. To pay please follow the process as under

How to send money

  • go to m-pesa toolkit.
  • go to lipa na m-pesa
  • go to paybill
  • go to buy goods and services.
  • enter paybill no. 5287707 (propel visions limited)
  • enter the amount.
  • enter you m-pesa pin.
  • confirm all details.
  • once the payment is made, go back to the yetu app (on the same date the payment is made)
  • on the same day you paid through mpesa click on the chapter you intended to buy and click on proceed to purchase, followed by pay (you will not be required to pay again)

Ps. Your payment made on mpesa will automatically be linked to your purchase and you will be able to access the content you paid for.

How do I pay if I don’t have a safaricom line or mpesa account?

The app only accepts payment through mpesa, for now. On the payment screen, while making the payment you can change to an alternate safaricom number and the number you entered will be prompted to pay on your behalf.

How can i contact you?

You can write a mail to

How do i get a receipt for my payment?

You will be sent a copy of your receipt on your registered email id. Additionally you can view it on the app in the section order history for all your purchases.

How can I get my content on your application?

We do not accept unsolicited content. However, we are always interested in finding new african talent. You can write to us on for our consideration.

What happens if I take screenshots of the comic pages?

Screenshot have been deactivated on android phones. If any iphone user takes a screenshot, the user will be sent a mail warning the user not to do so. If the user continues to do so, the user will be deregistered by the app, automatically.


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